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October, 2010 - Visit us at STEMapalooza, Oct 8 - 9, 2010 – booth 306

AgentSheets, Inc. announces our participation at the Stemapalooza Education Conference in Denver, CO on October 8th and 9th. Come visit us at Booth #306. You can do some hands-on programming.

AgentSheets, Inc. experts will be on hand to demonstrate the AgentSheets software and the Scalable Game Design curriculum and program.

As always, we'll have plenty of ideas and information for educators and students. For more information about us check in on our website:

With our new version of AgentSheets, AgentSheets, Inc. is striving more than ever to balance exciting innovations and cutting edge technology with proven pedagogical results for an unparalleled classroom experience of motivation, learning and inspiration.


October, 2010 - Dr. Repenning to receive 2010 Award of Technology

AgentSheets is thrilled to announce that Dr. Alexander Repenning, creator of AgentSheets software and founder of AgentSheets, Inc. will accept the 2010 Award of Technology at the Telluride Tech Festival October 2nd in beautiful Telluride, Colorado. This award is given to leaders and innovators in the field of technology who have advanced their field and contributed to the world as a whole. Honorees will present their work, and participate in panel discussions about the future of technology. For more information, please visit the Telluride Tech Festival website


August, 2010 - AgentSheets' interview in the Boulder, CO Daily Camera newspaper. See what our CEO has to say:


June, 2010 - Scalable Game Design Succeeds beyond the wildest iDREAMS...

This week and next teachers and community college students convene at the University of Colorado Boulder campus to participate in the Scalable Game Design Summer Institute teaching program. They are drawn by the success of the iDREAMS project to teach computational thinking skills in middle school through video game design. The project goal was to train 1200 students over the entire three years of the project. Instead, over 1300 middle school students were trained during the first semester alone, and the project is now on track to include 7500 students. The research results have been equally impressive, showing overwhelming positive response and a desire on the part of the students to continue and learn more.

The teachers come from as far away as the Pine Ridge Ogallala Reservation in South Dakota, and even Alaska. They come from such diverse school districts as Boulder Valley, Denver, Aurora, Ft. Lupton, Pueblo, Trinidad, and Brighton. This year, district teachers are joined by educators from Cool Girls and Girl Start, two programs dedicated to helping girls excel in math, science, technology, and arts. Results so far have shown that over 78% of girls in Scalable Game Design classes wish to continue with further classes.

This year's summer institute presents a unique opportunity to support these new teachers, and to prepare them for the upcoming Fall semester. It is now certain that Scalable Game Design motivates students to learn more about computers and computational thinking, now efforts and studies will shift the focus onto more exact learning results during game design sessions, and effective transitions from game design to computational science that preserve the positive motivational aspects of the project. Results this year hope to align more exactly and illuminate direct STEM educational initiative successes. Teachers and school districts involved are taking a bold step forward to bring computer science education back to middle school students, and hope to show that video games are not just for entertainment, but that they are proven to teach significant math and science along the way.

The Summer Institute is part of CU-Boulder's iDREAMS project, funded by the National Science Foundation to bring computer science to diverse middle school classrooms. The iDREAMS project team involves researchers from the computer-science department, School of Education, AgentSheets, Inc., and the Science Discovery and Upward Bound outreach programs. Participants use the Scalable Game Design curriculum and AgentSheets, an award-winning software authoring environment, to teach middle school students to program complete video games, which builds their basic competencies in computational concepts and problem-solving skills that they can apply in a range of technological careers.


February, 2010 - AgentSheets 3: Another Breakthrough in Teaching and Learning Computer Science!

Since 1996, the internal slogan at AgentSheets, Inc. has been “Revolution, not evolution.” Every new major release version of AgentSheets truly incorporates innovative leaps, pushing the envelope on making computer programming more accessible and enjoyable in new ways.

The innovative Boulder software company has now released AgentSheets 3 worldwide. AgentSheets 3 introduces Conversational Programming, a new patent-pending technology that makes the computer your programming “buddy.” By using the processing power of the computer to tell you visually how the game or simulation you are programming is going to act before it runs, cooperation between programmer and program moves to unprecedented new levels. This new ability lets the programmer see problems before they arise, whether they are simple omission errors, “that's not what I meant to do” errors, unforeseen interaction errors, or more complex design or conceptual errors. Using the characteristically straightforward visual user-interface of AgentSheets, the computer now communicates unobtrusively about your programming actions as you make them, giving you more insight and clarity than ever. Programming is no longer a “black box” activity. Truly a revolution, indeed.

A History of Revolution. Since his days as a graduate computer science student, AgentSheets Chief Technology Officer and Computer Science Professor Alexander Repenning has sought to change the way computers are programmed. Now an internationally recognized expert and sought after speaker in computer science and computer science education, Dr. Repenning's research has improved the ability of those whose expertise may lie in other areas to communicate that expertise to a computer. Dr. Repenning's pioneering work in 1996 brought one of the first “drag and drop” Visual Programming Languages into being, changing forever the way programming can be taught and learned. With a determination to not only simplify programming and expand its accessibility to students of all levels, Dr. Repenning has enabled students, scientists, and all AgentSheets users to create programs, games and simulations that are as complex and comprehensive as desired. This makes AgentSheets a software environment that you don't grow out of easily, no matter how much you learn! Users include everyone from elementary school students to NASA scientists.

From University to Company. AgentSheets, Inc. has continued to innovate, creating in 1997 the world's first “Behavior Exchange” - an Internet repository for AgentSheets simulations, giving people the ability to share games and simulations over the Internet, and to incorporate and read live information and data from the internet into a simulation. In 2000, AgentSheets, Inc. brought “Collective Simulations” to classrooms with a revolutionary, NIH-supported system for physiology instruction called Mr. Vetro, which allows students to control the biological functions of a simulated patient and observe direct cause and effects of unhealthy actions or behaviors. In 2008, AgentSheets, Inc. has, in collaboration with the University of Colorado, and funded by the National Science Foundation, developed Scalable Game Design - software and curriculum to teach computational science through the design and visual programming of games. This ongoing program allows students to go from playing video games to designing video games in as little as 3 hours. Studies show that the motivation students have for this activity inspires them to study more computational science across gender and ethnic lines. AgentSheets also allows students to progress from building games to building simulations for science or other classes. Teachers can access curriculum developed by their peers, share what they are doing, and connect with other teachers or mentors through this program, which is continually growing and expanding.

Continuing to Revolutionize Computer Science Education. A key mission of AgentSheets, Inc. is to educate a new generation of technology workers by lowering traditional barriers to computer programming and motivating middle school children to explore their career options and aptitudes in this lucrative field. AgentSheets, Inc. works to bridge the ever-widening gap between using computers or other technological gadgets and actually programming or designing them. AgentSheets 3 is an innovative leap toward this goal.



October, 2009 - Scalable Game Design Chosen for the Education Excellence Fair at the National School Board Association's Technology & Learning Conference

The national school board association has named scalable game design, a joint project of agentsheets, inc., the university of colorado, and the boulder valley school district, to the education excellence fair session of the technology & learning conference. the session will take place on october 28, 2009 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the colorado convention center in denver, colorado.

The Technology & Learning Conference is an innovative annual conference put on by the National School Board Association with the goal of presenting educational technology to district leadership teams from all over the country. Through keynote speeches, hands-on sessions, mini-academies, and other dynamic programming, the Technology & Learning Conference will explore optimizing the use of technology for the best possible education outcomes.

AgentSheets, Inc., in conjunction with the University of Colorado and the Boulder Valley School District, is proud to present Scalable Game Design and welcome this prestigious group of School Leaders to Colorado.


October, 2009 - AgentSheets invites You to Visit us at STEMapalooza, Oct 16-17, 2009 – booth 607

Boulder, Oct. 13, 2009 - AgentSheets, Inc. announces our participation at the Stemapalooza Education Conference in Denver, CO on October 16th and 17th. Come visit us and chat at Booth #607.

AgentSheets, Inc. experts will be on hand to demonstrate the AgentSheets software and the Scalable Game Design curriculum and program. We are participating in the Sherlock Holmes sleuthing contest put on by conference organizers - so come and use the Bridge Builder Simulation to get your answers and win.

We are also previewing our exciting 3-D Agent Technology with the Mona Lisa Challenge! How well do you know this beautiful work of art? Come and test your knowledge for the chance to win a copy of AgentSheets software! We guarantee a smile!

As always, we'll have plenty of ideas and information for educators and students. For more information, and a booth map, check in on our website:
Let us know we'll see you at Stemapalooza, and you'll automatically be entered into a drawing for a prize. Become of fan of one of our new Facebook pages, AgentSheets or Scalable Game Design, and you will also be entered into the drawing!

With a new version of AgentSheets fast approaching, AgentSheets, Inc. is striving more than ever to balance exciting innovations and cutting edge technology with proven pedagogical results for an unparalleled classroom experience of motivation, learning and inspiration.


August, 2009 - Week-long Computational Thinking Camp for Girls

"Females don't typically go into computer science because they have the perception that it is just programming, and they think they'll be stuck in front of a computer desk all day" Dr. Linda Sherell, computer science professor at The University of Memphis and her team, launched a girls only week-long Computational Thinking Camp. 14 High school girls used AgentSheets to design online games. Read more...


November, 2008 - ITEST research Grant to bring AgentSheets' Scalable Game Design to Middle Schools

AgentSheets, Inc., an innovative Boulder-based technology company, has been recognized by the University of Colorado (CU) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) as uniquely positioned to help resolve the crisis in IT education. The NSF has awarded CU a $1.5 million-dollar research grant under the ITEST program. AgentSheets Inc. is a subcontractor to the grant, which will bring software and curriculum into middle school classrooms all over Colorado. Scalable Game Design is a unique approach pioneered by AgentSheets Inc. that allows students to learn both design and computer programming skills while participating in the motivating and rewarding task of designing and building their own computer games. Read more...


June, 2008 - AgentSheets, Inc. named Colorado Top Tech Education Initiative Company

AgentSheets, Inc. has received the 2008 “Colorado Top Tech Education Initiative” award from CSIA, Colorado's Technology Association. Read more...



November, 2007 - SC07 Education Program

AgentSheets is proud to be a sponsor at the SC07 Education Program.


May, 2007 - NSF awards Phase I SBIR

AgentSheets receives Phase I SBIR funding from the National Science Foundation. This project is to create and study scalable game design environment in K-12 computer science.


March, 2007 - NIH funds Phase II for Mr. Vetro

AgentSheets receives Phase II SBIR funding from the National Institute of Health. For more information about this project and to play with Mr. Vetro's heart and lungs see our interactive flyer.


May, 2006 - Greek Ministry awards contract

Under the Chrysallides Project, funded mainly by the European Union, the Ministry of Education and the Computer Technology Institute of Greece award AgentSheets, Inc. and Tessera Multimedia a contract for developing educational activities with the AgentSheets software to be used in all elementray, middle, and high schools in Greece.


January, 2006 - It's all Greek to me!!
The Greek localization of AgentSheets 2.5. is available. Greek speakers can get more information here.


July 18, 2005 - Workshop for Game Design at the 38th Annual High School Honors Institute

AgentSheets creator Alex Repenning will be giving two workshops in Game Design. The workshops are designed to introduce students to the creative nature of game design while using their math and science skills. Students have the opportunity to create their own games and share them with friends. For more information


June 25, 2005 - Kids Have Fun Creating Games with Award-Winning AgentSheets Software

This summer we are offering a one week-long summer class. Students will be able to create their own computer games and simulations. The class will be from 9:30 a.m-12:30 p.m., July 11-15 at Centennial Middle School computer lab, 2205 Norwood Ave., Boulder. The cost is $150 which includes a CD of the latest version of AgentSheets for Macintosh or Windows. Please fax registration information to (303) 530-3018, email to:, or call Nadia Repenning at (303) 530-1773. Download registration form [pdf]


June 9-11, 2005 - Collaborative Assistive Technology Conference of the Rockies

Dr. Repenning, CTO, and Dr. Ioannidou, Senior Project Manager present Mobility Agents at the Collaborative Assistive Technology Confernce of the Rockies. The goal of the conference is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities through the appropriate selection and use of assistive technology. The Mobility Agents project will help people with cognitive disabilities use public transportation more independently. This project is NSF supported.


June 8-10, 2005 - Interaction Design and Children 2005 Workshop

Dr. Repenning, Associate Professor at CU and CTO of AgentSheets and Dr. Ioannidou, Senior Project Manager of AgentSheets have given a one day workshop on "Game Design for Education". Attendees include people for MIT Media Lab, Exploratorium, and people from the Education Industry. See more...


May 16, 2005 - Greek Beta of AgentSheets for Windows released

Today we have released the Beta Greek version of AgentSheets for Windows. The beta version is available for free with a 30 day trial. As always we welcome your comments and suggestions. Your input can be send to Download


Introducing the Mobility Agents project at CSUN's 19th Annual International Conference "Technology and Persons with Disabilities" Los Angeles, CA

March 18-20, 2004 - AgentSheets, Inc. introduces the Mobility Agents project at CSUN. CSUN is the largest annual university sponsored conference on technology and persons with disabilities. AgentSheets will be found at the HP booth. Space at the HP booth is sponsored by Michael Takemura, director of HP Accessibility Program Office.

NSF SBIR awards AgentSheets a Phase II SBIR grant

March 2004 - NSF SBIR awards AgentSheets a Phase II grant for the development and commercialization of the Mobility Agents project. Mobility Agents help persons with cognitive disabilities to use public transportation independently. Through a highly customizable interface the traveler's progress is tracked and caregivers are notified in case of a delay or unexpected detour.

Contextualized, just in time prompts guide travelers by informing them when the right bus is approaching and when their bus is at the bus stop. Customizable user-profiles select appropriate modalities (voice, text, pictures) based on the particular user's abilities, as well as determine the right bus for the user's current location and destination. The wireless device communicates with a server that provides buss location and other customized information. Mobility agents track a traveler's progress and can notify others in case of a delay or unexpected detour. Caregivers or family members have secure access to a 3D visualization to monitor trip progress and offer assistance. This gives travelers confidence and a safety net when traveling alone or on a unfamiliar route.


AgentSheets BETA release for Mac: the long awaited OS X version
November 2003 - AgentSheets Inc. released version 1.6 X b0 of the AgentSheets for Mac application with native OS X support, new language components, improved memory management and other useful features. For the full set of new features, please refer to the Readme file.

Talking business
October 9-10, 2003 - Dr. Repenning participated in a panel with a talk about "Commercialization and the SBIR Model" at the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities conference "Technology, Neuroscience and the Future of Cognitive Disability", in Denver, CO.

Advice for the European Commission
October 6-7, 2003 - Dr. Repenning participated in the EUD-NET 2003 workshop to discuss "Research Challenges and Future Actions" at Schloss Birlinghoven, Germany. The EUD-NET Network of Excellence is financed by the European Community and started July, 1st 2002. The goal of the EUD- NET Network of Excellence is to help the European Commission to prepare a research agenda in the end-user development field for the next framework and to increase contacts among highly-qualified research centers, both academic and industrial, in order to speed-up the production of innovative ideas and approaches.

AgentSheets release for Windows
September 2003 - AgentSheets Inc. released version 2.2.5 of the AgentSheets for Windows application with new language components, improved memory management and other useful features.

Academia and Industry meet in Gaming to Learn event
September 18-19, 2003 - Dr. Repenning was invited and participated in the Media X Gaming to Learn workshop at Stanford University where people from the video game industry met with academics who conducted research in educational games and software. Dr. Repenning showcased Mr. Vetro, the simulated human built as part of our C5 project.

Interact 2003: Bringing the bits togETHer
September 1-5, 2003 - Dr. Repenning and Dr. Ioannidou presented AgentSheets related work at the Ninth IFIP TC13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (Interact 2003) in Zürich, Switzerland.

AgentSheets Inc. partners with Coleman Institute and Deming Center
July 2003 - The Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities and Deming Center for Entrepreneurship of the University of Colorado co-funded a market study for the Mobility Agents project carried out by Entrepreneurial Solutions, LLP, an MBA student consulting group.

Imagine! welcomes AgentSheets Inc.
June 26, 2003 - In an attempt to give families and caregivers the opportunity to learn about our Mobility Agents technology that could benefit their loved ones and provide input for the next phase of the project, AgentSheets Inc. in collaboration with Imagine!Colorado held a meeting with Boulder and Broomfield County parents and caregivers, Special Transit managers and operator staff in Lafayette, CO.

It's all Greek to me!
March, 2003 - AgentSheets Inc. and Greek educators form a joint venture to localize the AgentSheets software in Greek. AgentSheets will be evaluated by the Greek Ministry of Education for use in the Greek school system. A first prototype of the localized Greek version of AgentSheets is expected to be released by the end of 2003 and evaluation will begin in 2004.

NSF awards Phase I SBIR Grant for Mobility Agents
January, 2003 - AgentSheets, Inc. has been awarded a Phase I Small Business and Innovation Research Grant (SBIR) from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop Mobility Agents that help persons with cognitive disabilities use public transportation systems.

NSF awards Phase I SBIR Grant for C5
January, 2003- AgentSheets, Inc. has been awarded a Phase I Small Business and Innovation Research Grant (SBIR) from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop C5: an Educational Simulation Architecture for Wireless Handhelds.


Sept. 2002 - Dr. Repenning, CEO, is invited by the EUD-NET Network of Excellence to participate as an advisor on end-user programming in Pisa, Italy on September 24.

The EUD-NET Network of Excellence is financed by the European Community and started July, 1st 2002. The goal of the EUD- NET Network of Excellence is to help the European Commission to prepare a research agenda in the end-user development field for the next framework and to increase contacts among highly-qualified research centers, both academic and industrial, in order to speed-up the production of innovative ideas and approaches.

Boulder, April 10, 2002: AgentSheets, Inc. announces the release of AgentSheets 2.1 for Windows, a unique interactive simulation/agent tool for end-users and developers that is available both in English and Japanese.

AgentSheets 2.1 further builds on the company’s vision to deliver a superior authoring tool for building simulations and agent based scenarios. This new version has a plug-in architecture that lets developers build simulation languages and integrate the simulations with existing code base. Other new features include support for Windows XP, simulation speed control, as well as enhanced interactivity.

AgentSheets, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1996. It is partially funded by grants from the National Science Foundation. AgentSheets, Inc. has acted as an advisor to the National Academies of Science and the European Commission. In addition to their award winning software, AgentSheets, Inc. also provides customized solutions such as training, simulations, and other interactive content for PDA’s, cell phones and desktops. For more information contact (303) 530-1773 or see itsweb site at . AgentSheets, Inc. is located at 6560 Gunpark Dr., Suite D, Boulder, CO 80301.

Boulder, January 25, 2002: AgentSheets, Inc. is one of two companies in Colorado that has been selected by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Denver, to meet with Japanese companies at the Techno Business Forum 2002 in Tokyo during the week of January 28th.

AgentSheets, Inc. introduces its newest development in AgentSheets technology. Simulations for wireless PDA’s and cell phones. AgentSheets wireless product is able to access the web with instructions by the user to extract information only needed by the user. This information is returned by audio. Nadia Repenning, VP sales and marketing summarizes: “Today it is possible to access the Web with PDA’s and cell phones, but the information sent back is cluttered and often irrelevant to the user. We call this approach the semantic web. Agentsheets goes one step further into the pragmatic Web, where the same information is available but only the specific information needed by the user is extracted. Need to know what the weather is like in a specific location? Nothing easier than that with our software since it uses speech input and will return with the information important to the user. Temperature, wind speed, suggestion on clothing, just to name a few variables, are relied back to the user by speech output. There are no limits to what information users can extract from the web.”

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