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awards and honors


AgentSheets, Inc. has received the 2008 "Colorado Top Tech Education Initiative" APEX award by the CSIA, Colorado's Technology Association. This award honors the nominee who has put forth an Initiative in Education that is having a tangible impact on primary and/or secondary students, teachers, professors, educational institutions and/or the community at large. It is given to the nominee that goes above and beyond to nurture, develop and promote Colorado’s next, bright technology minds, especially in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills, with measurable results (2008).

National Science Foundation funds AgentSheets Inc. with Phase I and Phase II SBIR awards (1998, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2007).

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) fund AgentSheets, Inc. with Phase I and Phase II SBIR awards (2005, 2007).

Under the Chrysallides Project, funded mainly by the European Union, the Ministry of Education and the Computer Technology Institute of Greece award AgentSheets, Inc. and Tessera Multimedia a contract for developing educational activities with the AgentSheets software to be used in all elementray, middle, and high schools in Greece (2006).

The EUD-NET Network of Excellence invites Dr. Repenning to participate as an advisor on end-user programming in Pisa, Italy (2002). The EUD-NET Network of Excellence is financed by the European Community to help prepare a research agenda in the end-user development field for the next framework and to increase contacts among highly-qualified research centers, both academic and industrial, in order to speed-up the production of innovative ideas and approaches.

AgentSheets Inc. is invited to host workshops at the art.bit collection exhibit in Japan (2002).

The National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. invites Dr. Repenning to present AgentSheets at the "Improving Learning with Information Technology" symposium. Their goal is the development of a national agenda for the use of modeling and simulation tools in education (2001).

Gold Medal received by the mayor of Paris at the World Wide Web 5 Conference for the "most creative educational application on the World Wide Web" (1996).

The ACM1 Exposition showcases extraordinary technologies from leading-edge companies. Dr. Repenning is invited to present AgentSheets at this gathering of leaders and visionaries (2001).

PBS Mathline showcases AgentSheets Bridge Builder Activity (1998).

Dr. Repenning gives the keynote speech at the Interactions 2000 conference in Japan.

Dr. Repenning presents AgentSheets at Marvin Minsky's MIT Media Lab Spring Colloquium Series (1996).

Apple Computer, Inc. recognizes Dr. Repenning's contributions to end-user programmable agents. AgentSheets becomes part of the Apple Developer tour and is shown in Germany and France (1993).

Dr. Repenning presents AgentSheets at the Planetworkers conference, a panel with the goal of predicting the future (2000).

Dr. Repenning presents "End-User Programmable Agents for Interactive Simulations" at the Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt, Germany  (1999).

Mac OS Journal reviews AgentSheets and awards AgentSheets four out of five "Smileys" (2000).

AgentSheets receives the highest scores from a leading intelligent agent portal when awarded the "Best of AgentLand" (2001).

Kids Domain awards the Gold Bear to AgentSheets (1999).

The Cool Tool of the Day web site declares AgentSheets to be an official cool tool (2000).

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