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2013 and beyond...

Beginning 2013 we started announcing our news worthy items in social media. Check our timeline on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or in Edmodo to get all the latest news!



June, 2012 - ISTE 2012, San Diego

Dr. Alex Repenning presented "Teach your Class Game Design in One Week" to rave reviews at a sold out workshop for ISTE 2013 in San Diego today!


June, 2012 - EdMedia 2012, Denver

Dr. Alex Repenning presented "AgentCubes: Enabling 3D Creativity by Addressing Cognitive and Affective Programming Challenges" and we hosted a Corporate Showcase to introduce AgentCubes to the Education Community.


June, 2012 - Google's National CS4HS Program returns to Boulder

 The terrific CS4HS participants at the Google offices in Boulder, CO.
 Congrats on finishing this weekend's SGD workshop in 2D and 3D!






May, 2012 - The Atlantic's Second Annual Technologies in Education Forum

The Atlantic's second annual Technologies in Education Forum will focus on the new policies, technologies, and tools available to those working on the front lines to bolster American student learning and achievement, especially in the critically important STEM curricula. The program will explore what public policies are necessary to bring new technologies into classrooms, how educational video games are changing the way students learn, and how new technologies can be used to improve vital intellectual skills and prepare the near future American workforce to compete in an increasingly advanced global economy.

Alex Repenning, CTO is one of the featured speakers. See more...


March, 2012 - Gaming Tools Kids Want to Use - Talk/Panel

Dr. Alex Repenning, Computer Science Professor and CTO at AgentSheets, joined Tamara Hudgins (Girlstart), Virginia Mcarthur (Zynga), Ward Tisdale (AMD) and David Gerding (Columbia College) at the talk/panel of the "Gaming Tools Kids Want to Use" at the SXSW in Austin, March 13. Join the conversation about authorship, identity, creativity, and the tools kids use for developing serious and social games.



November, 2011 - AgentSheets featured at SC 2011

AgentSheets computational science training will be provided at the Education Program of the Super Computing 2011 Conference in Seattle Nov. 12 - 18 by the Shodor foundation, a long time AgentSheets advocate and collaborator.

Shodor, a National Resource for Computational Science Education, is located in Durham, N.C., and serves students and educators nationwide.

Supercomputing Conference / Shodor on Facebook


October, 2011 - AgentSheets Goes to Brazil!

In conjunction with the tenth Conference on Human Computer Interaction (IHC - Simpósio de Fatores Humanos em Sistemas Computacionais) and the Fifth Latin American Conference on Human Computer Interaction (CLIHC) and in collaboration with the Federal University Fluminense (UHF), Catholic University of Rio (PUC-RIO), and CU Boulder, AgentSheets CTO Dr. Alex Repenning was invited to tour the Rio de Janiero area. He met middle school students using the new Portuguese version of AgentSheets for Scalable Game Design, met with fellow University professors and their research departments, and presented his new research in Social Computational Thinking in a Keynote Speech to the Joint Conference.

We posted some pictures on Facebook.



June, 2011 - Scalable Game Design Summer Institute Press Coverage Promotes STEM Education!

The iDreams Project, funded by the National Science Foundation and directed by AgentSheets CTO Dr. Alexander Repenning, hosts a Summer Institute for training teachers to use the Scalable Game Design curriculum with AgentSheets. The teachers this year got the full red carpet treatment from the press!

Check out the coverage in the Boulder Daily Camera: "Teachers learning video game design to promote STEM education" and the video and article produced by local NBC affiliate 9News:



June, 2011 - Dr. Alexander Repenning Teaches Game Design to a Sold Out Teacher Workshop at ISTE 2011

Philadelphia, PA – June, 2011 – Dr. Alexander Repenning leads a sold out group of over 90 teachers in a "Game Design for STEM Education Workshop" at the ISTE 2011 Conference in Philadelphia. ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education, invited Repenning to host his renowned Game Design workshop, after learning about the success of the NSF-funded Scalable Game Design Project. Teachers learn to use video game design, in the AgentSheets software authoring environment, in their classrooms to introduce students to Computational Thinking concepts through the easy-to-use visual programming interface in AgentSheets. Through the Scalable Game Design project, both software and curriculum are made available to teachers who then teach units of varying length in their own districts. Starting with the classic video arcade game "Frogger", students then progress to programming their own games, and after that to scientific simulations applicable in science and math classes.


June, 2011- Dr. Alexander Repenning, CTO of AgentSheets, Inc. and Research Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado in Boulder is Nominated for their Leadership and Vision at the 2011 CSIA Apex Awards

Dr. Alexander Repenning’s outstanding work and dedication in Computer Science Education leads to recognition in the 10th annual CSIA Apex Awards.  

Boulder, CO – June, 2011 – Dr. Alexander Repenning, Chief Technical Officer at AgentSheets, Inc., and Research Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder, is announced today as a nominee for the 2011 Apex Awards, the prestigious technology awards recognizing outstanding accomplishments and leadership by Colorado’s technology companies and professionals. The winners and finalists will be announced live Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at The Robert and Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Denver. 

Since the program’s inception in 2000, CSIA’s Apex Awards have been awarded to well-deserved technology companies and executives who lead these amazing companies.  Presented in five categories for companies and five categories for professionals, the awards recognize success, innovation, vision, leadership, excellent customer support and community contributions. 

“I’m honored to be named a nominee for these prestigious awards that recognize technology professionals and their leadership, ” said Dr. Alexander Repenning.  “CSIA is working hard to promote awareness of Colorado Technology companies to keep our state at the forefront of innovation.  We’re working to educate the technology innovators and leaders of the future.”

“Leadership and vision is an important aspect for all companies, especially in the technology industry.  It’s important for these humble leaders to be recognized for all their accomplishments,” said Su Hawk, president, CSIA.  “Our Apex Awards provide them a once-a-year opportunity to celebrate their success, and generate awareness around their work, which include Dr. Repenning’s work in Computer Science education.”

About Dr. Alexander Repenning, CTO and founder of AgentSheets, Inc. and Research Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Colorado, Boulder: 
Dr. Repenning is an established world leader and recognized innovator in End-User Programming, and the creator of AgentSheets. His research and products have received numerous awards worldwide and he has been named “Best of the Best Innovators” by the Association for Computing Machinery. He is advisor to the National Academy of Sciences, the European Commission, and the National Science Foundation. He is the author of over 60 scientific publications, and a popular speaker. He is currently a part-time professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and has worked with Asea Brown Boveri, Xerox Parc, Apple Computer, and Hewlett Packard.

About CSIA:
CSIA is the leader in uniting and growing Colorado’s information technology industry by providing advocacy, education, business connections, and information, while supporting economic development, unification of  technology stakeholders, and larger recognition of the industry and the people involved to develop and promote Colorado’s technology industry.  CSIA also works nationally to ensure Colorado’s technology voice is heard, through TECNA, a coalition of technology associations across the United States and Canada, as well as with TechAmerica, the national lobbying organization for federal issues.  Since 1994, CSIA has been involved in legislative issues and public policy to represent the information technology industry in Colorado, and has provided a number of annual programs, events and connections to support business success.  For more information on CSIA please call (303) 592-4070 or visit


AgentSheets, Inc. Congratulates Ft. Lupton Middle School as the National Middle School of the Year!

The National Association of Middle School Principals has just awarded Fort Lupton Middle School the "National Middle School of the Year."  

An exceptional application, written from the student's point of view, illustrated the personal attention given to each student by the school's dedicated teachers.  This includes personalized lesson plans, hours of after-school help with homework, and AgentSheets.  Fort Lupton is a valued participant in the Scalable Game Design program as part of the NSF-supported ITest research.  AgentSheets and Scalable Game Design have been integrated into Math classes at Fort Lupton and in a very innovative Spanish class!   "AgentSheets and Scalable Game Design played a significant part in the opportunities offered to our students that made this award possible!" said Melanie Patterson, Principal of Fort Lupton Middle School.

AgentSheets, Inc. and all the researchers at the University of Colorado School of Education and Department of Computer Science would like to extend our Congratulations to Melanie Patterson and all the teachers and students at Fort Lupton Middle School on achieving this great honor!

To view the news story about this event: click here


AgentSheets Partnership with Girlstart: from zero to Programming

Girlstart is a non-profit organization created to empower girls to excel in math, science, and technology. Founded in 1997 in Austin, Texas, Girlstart has quickly established itself as a best-case practices leader in empowering, educating, and motivating girls to enjoy and become more proficient in math, science and technology. Girlstart programs, including after school workshops, summer technology camps, and more, boast resounding success! Participants are more positive, confident, and enthusiastic about their own future careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

In June 2010, Julie Shannon, co-director of Girlstart, attended our AgentSheets Summer Institute. She was so excited about the AgentSheets software and Scalable Game Design curriculum that she trained 8 Girlstart instructors. When Girlstart Summer Camps began in August, AgentSheets was the chosen programming environment. 175 girls built Frogger games, then progressed to “Germ Attack” games. Before the end of their week-long camp, the girls had built scientific simulations of the BP Gulf Oil Spill in AgentSheets to study the environmental impact and diffusion of oil in the Gulf region. This is exactly the kind of game-design-to-scientific-model design progression AgentSheets was built to support.

Again the results were impressive! At a Girlstart summer camp with AgentSheets, U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul (Texas) says "This is the future of STEM education in this country - making science and math exciting for students." With a teacher to student ratio of 1:17, fully 97% of the girls wanted to continue with game design and STEM. Now they can! Thanks to our continuing partnership, Girlstart will bring AgentSheets, game design, and STEM to more schools and more girls in Austin.


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