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Agentsheets was born from the idea that expertise and ideas should not have to be translated into computer-readable form or language by a computer scientist. Dr. Alexander Repenning, our Chief Technology Officer, began working with this idea many years ago in Switzerland. Later, as a graduate student in Computer Science at the University of Colorado, he explored these ideas further, first through "bootstrapping" and the use of object-oriented languages, and into the first version of the AgentSheets software.

Of course, as his ideas expanded, technology was progressing, and he was changing the capabilities of technology. Dr. Repenning and the AgentSheets team began putting AgentSheets into the hands of end-users from the beginning. The progression of AgentSheets has exposed the limits of object-oriented thinking, has pioneered and advanced the use of Visual Programming Languages, was an early adopter of the Internet as a place to share simulations through Java applets (since 1997), and has been trusted in classrooms since the beginning. In 1996, AgentSheets, Inc. was formed as a technological startup to continue to impact education.

Rather than seeing the advent of new technologies as a way to eliminate the need for computer scientists, Dr. Repenning and the AgentSheets team quickly realized that innovation was not only a terrific way to let experts express themselves in new and useful ways, it could also become a necessary way to attract a new generation of designers and computer scientists. Our approach had organically evolved from bootstrapping to scaffolding with Scalable Game Design. Younger users need stepping stones to follow their interests in and motivations for playing computer games to designing computer games and all the way to a university degree in game design or computer science!

We are proud of our history. Read more about the theoretical approaches of the AgentSheets team, and Dr. Repenning's work at AgentSheets and the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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