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Nadia Repenning, founder, CEO and President
Ms. Repenning has a strong international business background that has helped her lead the commercialization of AgentSheets software in the US and abroad. An active business community member, she holds a position on the Education Committee on the Colorado Technology Association. Ms. Repenning is fluent in five languages, leads game and design courses nationally and internationally, and speaks worldwide.

Dr. Alexander Repenning, founder, Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Repenning is an established world leader and recognized innovator in End-User Programming, and the creator of AgentSheets. His research and products have received numerous awards worldwide and he has been named “Best of the Best Innovators” by the Association for Computing Machinery. He is advisor to the National Academy of Sciences, the European Commission, and the National Science Foundation. He is the author of over 60 scientific publications, and a popular speaker. He is currently a part-time professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and has worked with Asea Brown Boveri, Xerox Parc, Apple Computer, and Hewlett Packard.

Dr. Robert B. Owen, founder, Vice-President, Technical Development
A member of the AgentSheets, Inc. board of directors with responsibility for strategic business and technology planning, direction and administration, Dr. Owen holds 4 patents, and is the recipient of numerous honors. A graduate-trained government contract manager, and experienced leader in product development and technology transfer, he has helped found and direct four technology-based firms. In addition, he remains an active participating member of the Optical Engineering community, where he serves as a founding member on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Photonics Industry Association, and also reviews and referees for Applied Optics, Optic Letters, Optical Engineering, and the Journal of Optical Imaging.

Corrina P. Smith, Product Manager
Ms. Smith combines a background in the design and development of Artificial Intelligence software systems for spacecraft with award-winning research in educational technology. A member of the AgentSheets team since 1993, she accepted the “Best Application of the World Wide Web to Education” award from the Mayor of Paris at WWW5 in 1996 for WebQuest, a web-connected AgentSheets application she developed at the University of Colorado. Since then, she has traded in technical development for work in Public Relations as a consultant to both for- and non-profit entities, working with corporate imaging in websites, social media, PR, and sales.

Mike Minerva, Software Developer
A relatively new member, Michael joined the AgentSheets team in 2009 after studying Computer Science, Psychology, and Philosophy at the University of Colorado where he worked for Dr. Repenning on a project exploring video game consoles as a platform for agent based graphical end user programming. He has a strong background in software architecture and programming using a wide range of languages and APIs, with a great deal of experience in: GUI design and implementation, 3D graphics, parallel processing, software quality assurance, and cross platform development.

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