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Getting Started With AgentSheets

You've learned a bit about us or heard about us from a colleague or student. What do you do now? How can you get going? What's the next step?

It's very easy to get started with AgentSheets. Simply follow this link to Download a Free Trial Copy of AgentSheets. Simply locate your language and computer system, and click. Fill out the simple form, and click on the Download button. Be sure to leave the AgentSheets Mailing List button selected. We don't email often, and we make sure to keep it relevant and useful, and we don't share/sell your information!

We'll email you a key that you will use to unlock and install the software. Your key will be good for a 10-day Trial period, however, if you are not finished checking out AgentSheets, and you email us and let us know, we will extend your trial. We want you to have time to get to the good stuff!

What do you do now?

With the key and software installed, you are ready to go. To get a taste for our Scalable Game Design curriculum and a Quick Start, we suggest you start here: Build a Frogger Game. This document will take you through the steps to create your first game, and is usually the first step that students are taken through to get a feel for building a game in AgentSheets.

After you have built your first game, you can play around with it, extend it, or build another game. Play around with different sorts of rules and watch how your game agents behave.

If You Need More…

We have a longer Getting Started document, that includes a bit more explanation of the download/install process and exploration of the AgentSheets components. It also includes a tutorial for creating a Virus Attack simulation, step by step. It's a great resource!

Don't forget to download our Reference Manual for a more complete help. Check out also our Videos and other support materials!
AgentSheets has been used by educators for over 16 years, and we have tried to answer as many common questions as we can and provide helpful information!

We want you to have a terrific experience with AgentSheets! If, for any reason, you'd like more help, can't find what you need, or have questions, feel free to send us an email at: and we'll respond just as fast as we can!

When you are ready for more…

There is much more to do, and many more types of games and simulations you can create with AgentSheets. We've included links to examples of these here on our website. Feel free to browse! You are only limited by your own imagination! Simulations can be created for all kinds of classes from middle school to post-graduate university levels - AgentSheets has been used in a variety of disciplines ranging from scientists at NASA for a Space Shuttle Experiment to Social Science/Behavior Psychologists modeling the behavior of people.

To help spark your own creativity - download and play with some of the simulations already available.

Get Involved…Share your Stories & Curriculum & Benefit from Experience!

Our Scalable Game Design project is a project to build curriculum, support and community! Contact us to be put in touch with other teachers using AgentSheets in the classroom. You can follow us on Facebook, check out our Scalable Game Design teacher-contributed materials, and consider joining our community of users to share and learn. We always welcome your input!

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