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AgentSheets has been listening to Educators for over 15 years...

in all kinds of educational settings; Middle- and High schools, after school clubs, and Universities and our teamwork approach has paid off.


Over the years, our teams of educators and computer scientists have seen women and minorities, and even highly motivated males leaving computer science and engineering disciplines — yet this is happening as technology and its possibilities get more and more exciting! Our mission is to stop this trend, and to do this, we must bring computational thinking back to middle school students.

In order to create a cutting edge and sustainable technology workforce and keep Colorado and the US on the forefront of technological innovation, our teams of teachers, professors, researchers and computer scientists have seen that we must light a fire in students at a middle school level that will stay with them as they pursue a career in technology.


We strongly believe that technology in schools must be systemically supported for a teamwork approach. We not only support teachers through our exemplary products, but we also nourish and support a community of specialists and mentors through teacher training and curriculum materials. On this page, you will find links to find out more and help you get started! Feel free to contact us, we are still listening for what works, and what can work even better.

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AgentCubes-in-a-Box: Introduce Computing Through Game Design

We are pleased to announce the National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT) is now offering "AgentCubes in a Box" - a complete example curriculum that introduces Computational Thinking with our Scalable Game Design process! Students use the freely downloadable version of AgentCubes program to make a working 3D Maze Craze game. This easily-downloadable guide takes you through all the steps!


Scalable Game Design Chosen for the Education Excellence Fair at the National School Board Association's Technology & Learning Conference

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