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A collection of educational content built using the AgentSheets software showcased by third-party companies and organizations. These often include simulations, activities, tutorials, or other educational content created around the simulations.



The Shodor Foundation

The Shodor Foundation showcases our AgentSheets simulation authoring tools in workshops for teachers, for instance under their Scholar's program. Sample content created in this context include an HIV simulation and presentation.

The Concord Consortium

The Concord Consortium has used and showcased AgentSheets in their Modeling with Objects project. Among other things, they created heat flow investigations and a heat model.

Math Forum

In the context of the ESCOT project, we have created multiple activities with interactive components such as simulations, plotters, pie charts, tables etc. for middle school math that got published at the Math Forum as electronic Problems of the Week (ePOWs). Examples can be found in our Interactive Learning page.

United States Institute of Peace

The United States Institue of Peace used WebQuest, a derivative application of AgentSheets that enables students to explore information spaces on the Web in a game-like environment, to enable them to construct a dynamic map of the Middle East, capable of changing to show the consequences of various user suggestions, with the ultimate goal to help middle school students construct shared understanding. Please refer to their paper on the issue.

New Vista High School

We have collaboarated with teachers and students at the New Vista High School to help them incorporate simulation activities in their curriculum. Students used AgentSheets to build simulations in subject areas such as social studies, language arts, and science. The curriculum material built around the social studies activities is made available at our teacher guides page. The student simulations are featured at the University of Colorado pages.



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