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AgentSheets is a versatile tool that enables the creation of a wide range of games and computational science applications. Examples include the following.


Collaborative Learning:
Elementary school students learn about life science topics such as food webs and ecosystems by designing their own animals. Groups of students put their animals into shared worlds to study the fragility of their ecosystems.

Scientific Modeling and Visualization:
Researchers working with NASA create models of the effects of microgravity on E.coli bacteria. This is a simulation of an experiment that flew on the Discovery space shuttle with John Glenn.

Learning by Taking Apart:
What makes a bridge stable? Users remove as many bridge elements as possible without collapsing the bridge. Implicit learning experiences include forces, architecture, and geometric perspective. This simulation was featured on PBS Mathline.


Process simulations:
Pascal's and Leibniz' Adding Machine simulation demonstrates the complex relationships between gears and numbers and illustrates the process of adding and multiplying numbers using this machinery.

Learning Through Design:
Even if the finished simulation/game is not directly related to education, the construction process is very educational. The Ultimate Pacman is a complete game based on complex Artificial Intelligence algorithms and non-trivial diffusion equations.


Complex Artificial Intelligence:
In a soccer simulation, agents representing players in teams collaborate and compete to score for their team with diffusion-based AI algorithms. Diffusion of the presence of the players is visualized in the picture as a superimposed 3D graph

Data gathering and analysis:
Data generated from a predator-prey simulation with small and large fish interacting in a pond and graphed in AgentSheets can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet where it can be analyzed and graphed in many different ways.


Distance Learning:
With SimProzac, patients can explore the relationships among Prozac, the neurotransmitter serotonin, and neurons. By playing with this simulation in their browsers, they get a better sense of what Prozac does than they could by reading the cryptic description included with the drug

Interactive Story Telling:
High school social studies students create interactive stories of historical events such as the Montgomery bus boycott and the Cesar Chavez-led Grape Boycott

The Pragmatic Web:
Use multimodal end-user programmable agents to bridge the gap between existing and relevant information on the Web. Mountain biking agents give advice where to go and what kind of clothing to wear based on real-time weather information

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