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What is AgentSheets?

AgentSheets is a revolutionary tool that lets you create your own agent-based games and simulations and publish them on the Web through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

AgentSheets users range from elementary school students to NASA scientists, entire school districts, and large federally funded university projects. Why should you use it? Build simulations to explore complex ideas, communicate ideas to others, or just build games:

Computational Science: Interactive simulations help you grasp new ideas, test theories, explore complex processes in various science fields. Creating your own computational science applications deepens your understanding.

Games: Building games (not just playing them) teaches you Computer Science concepts, logic, and algorithmic thinking. Our Scalable Game Design approach is ideal for balancing motivational and educational concerns of computer education.

simple to start...

Proven drag and drop, rule-based programming allows the creation of easy-to-understand programs. Amazing new Conversational Programming technology (patent-pending), is your programming buddy. You can create your own games from scratch in only a couple of hours.

Define agent behaviors with Visual AgenTalk®, the unique visual and tactile programming language featured in AgentSheets, to:

• animate agents
• play sounds and MIDI instruments
• speak text
• react to mouse and keyboard events
• visualize values as colors and plots
• query web pages, control web browsers

... easy to continue

Using a formula language, scientific visualizations, and multimedia, users as young as middle school students can create sophisticated computational science applications and games that include complex Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Made to share

AgentSheets with Ristretto® is an authoring environment that lets you quickly create your own simulations and games and publish them on the Web by exporting them as Java applets at the press of a button -- and without having to learn Java.

“It's often been said, 'if you really want to understand something, teach it. ' It seems equally true that one way of accomplishing real understanding is to try to simulate it. You need to know the underlying connections among a variety of forces to make a credible simulation. I have seen students who were less than motivated to complete traditional classroom projects put huge amounts of energy and effort into completing an AgentSheets simulation”.

John Zola, Educator

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Thought Amplifier.


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