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Ristretto® the Java environment for non-programmers!

Ristretto® is the name of a technology that allows end-users to transform AgentSheets® projects directly into Java applets without having to know how to program in Java. Now you can at the push of a single button publish your games and interactive simulations as Java applets embedded into Web pages.

Ristretto (ris-tret-oh)

n. A 'short pull' (stronger) espresso. "A Ristretto is an expresso made with less (half) the water used for a regular expresso." adj. condensed, constrained.

How to 'Ristretto'

1. Create an AgentSheets® simulation
2. Click on the Ristretto® button
3. Upload your new instantly created Applet

Ristretto generates more than just code

Ristretto includes two types of compilers. The Resource compiler will directly convert resources such as icons and sounds produced by end-users into formats compatible with Java. At the incredible speed of > 10000 lines of code per second the behavior compiler translates the Visual AgenTalk® language directly into Java byte codes. The ease of use of programming afforded by the Visual AgenTalk® language combined with the transparent use of Java compiler technology enables end-users to create running interactive simulations for the web in a matter of minutes.

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