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Teacher Experience

Jeffrey Jones, Instructor and director at the Office of Instructional Technology in Fayette County, KY, has a blast going into the classroom with AgentCubes!

Scalable Game Design Project at CSNYC!

Through the University of Colorado's Scalable Game Design project, CSNYC, a nonprofit bringing computer science instruction to NYC schools, has started SGD New York! Pilot schools are using AgentSheets, Inc. software to bring proven computational thinking SGD curricula to their students.

Article in CSTA Voice

A great article on Scalable Game Design's success in Broadening Participation in the CSTA Voice Newsletter, Research Review "From Games to STEM - A Sustainable Path to Broaden Participation" on page 6

Innovative after-school program wins Boulder Prep an NSF Grant

Raising the ceiling on Computational thinking tools: this Boulder Camera article is about using AgentCubes to teach programming in Boulder Prep High School.

Nostalgia Gaming: Frogger Helps Teach Kids Computer Science

Lowering the Bar to Computer Science: a great report from KUNC showing students in Fourth grade learning computational thinking with AgentSheets!


Google's National CS4HS Program returns to Boulder

2012 CS4HS participants at the Google offices in Boulder, CO


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AgentCubes Online 3D Game Design Anywhere

Boulder, CO: Today's release of AgentCubes Online allows anyone, anywhere to create their own 3D video games immediately. Invited and challenged by Code. org to give the world a taste of 3D Game Design, AgentSheets, Inc. developed AgentCubes Online with no software to download, and an hour-long coding activity suitable for kids. This version tickled the curiosity of over 500,000 hour-of-code participants! Children as young as 4th grade can learn to program with AgentCubes Online, creating and sharing games with friends, and even playing them on mobile devices. AgentCubes Online is coding for kids that allows them to keep growing. They start with drag and drop visual programming and can transition to JavaScript. In this way, kids continue learning and building complex games and scientific simulations.

"Our goal from the beginning has been to make programming accessible to all ages"; says Dr. Alexander Repenning, computer science professor at the University of Colorado, and the Hasler Professor and Chair of Computer Science Education at the PH FHNW in Switzerland. "We've pioneered the tools to make this happen, then tested them with kids and teachers that have no programming experience."

A key mission of AgentSheets, Inc. is to educate a new generation of technology workers by dropping the traditional barriers to computer programming and providing the motivation to children to explore their career options and aptitudes in this lucrative field, and to bridge the gap between using computers or other technological gadgets and actually programming or designing them. AgentCubes Online is another innovative leap toward this goal. AgentSheets, Inc. has the data, curriculum, and testing to show that their approach works by engaging kids, motivating them, and demonstrating learning outcomes in key programming logic concepts.

AgentCubes Online is now available by subscription to anyone who wants to learn to program in 3D. In the AgentCubes Online programming environment, animation, multi-media, and gaming AI is built in to get kids up and going immediately.


Introducing our Computational Thinking Foundation & Chic@s Code - winners of a Google Rise Partnership award!

Thanks to the 2015 Google RISE Partnership awarded to Scalable Game Design Mexico: Chic@s Code, girls in middle schools in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico will be learning computational thinking through Game Design. Chic@s Code will provide hands-on computer programming and computational thinking activities to students and teachers with AgentCubes and our new REACT software prototype, engaging and motivating them and opening up a new range of possibilities for students to pursue in education and as careers. In addition, this project will bring awareness to parents, local and regional communities that a future in technology is not only available to their girls, but achievable!

Chic@s Code will introduce game design to more than 3,500 middle school students, including 1,700 girls. The partnership will provide computer science education through the proven Scalable Game Design curriculum. Chic@s Code will also produce Spanish language SGD curriculum for use in Spanish-speaking areas all over the U.S. Chic@s Code is a partnership of the Scalable Game Design (SGD) Project at the University of Colorado, the Computational Thinking Foundation, Tecnológico de Monterrey, the Instituto Innovación Transferencia Tecnología, Secretaria de Educación de Nuevo León, and the Shodor Education Foundation.



AgentSheets & AgentCubes are revolutionary tools that let you create your own games and simulations. Users of all ages can build games, interactive demonstrations, modifiable simulations, and more! Discover a new relationship to technology as you quickly CREATE games and computational science applications with all sorts of multi-media, and SHARE your creations online.

AgentSheets rule-based, drag-and-drop interface is easy to learn and hard to outgrow! Our users range from school districts to NASA scientists; city planners to clinical psychiatrists; middle school teachers to university professors, and students of all ages!

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