AgentCubes online is an easy to learn programming language. Our teachers created and classroom-tested tutorials, videos, and lesson plans will make learning and teaching AgentCubes an enjoyable experience.
Watch our videos on how to make whole games. Use our how-to videos to discover aspects of the software. Use our free lesson plans that include student handouts for your class.
Interactive Tutorials
These tutorials are interactive. Click on the buttons indicated to experience the full experience, from informative text to videos and engaging AgentCubes examples.
Video Tutorials
Don't know how to use a specific tool, or how to do a particular task? Our 'how-to' videos will show you how.
Full Game
Drawing Agents
First Person
Lesson Plans
These Lesson Plans have been developed for AgentCubes by educators working with the Scalable Game Design Project supported by the National Science Foundation at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
First Person:
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