Coding Games
Made Easy

Coding games is accessible and fun. Our tools make it a snap to create your characters and worlds and get games up and running and sharable in no time.

Three steps to coding a game

All you need is a vision to get started
and here is how AgentCubes makes it easy for you

1. Create your Assets

Draw your assets in our Sprite Editor. Use our pixel drawing tools to create the look in 2D, then easily inflate it to 3D. Change perspective, rotate, and more with our 3D manipulation tools.

Create the look and feel that you want in your game.

2. Build your world

Use the assets you’ve created to create your World. Draw them onto the grid - change your view from 2D to 3D and even First Person. Make your World as simple or complex as you want - multi-layers, multi-levels, and 3D.

3. Code your game

Make your art come to life with code. Our visual programming language and patented Conversational Programming help you navigate coding and debugging without breaking a sweat.

Making games is educational!

Whether you are making games for fun or to learn to program, AgentCubes has you covered. We’ve demonstrated that coding games motivates students to learn! We make sure each step in the game-making process is identifiable and transferable to coding more complex things like scientific models and simulations. It’s all part of our Path to Programming. Learn more on our Educator Page, where we tell you just how great AgentCubes is for STEM, STEAM, and surpassing IT standards!

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