Making Simulations

Want to understand how a system works? Create a scientific simulation! AgentCubes was created to help beginning programmers model systems; from simple ecosystems to complex spread of disease.

If you can describe it, you can model it!

Coding simulations is as easy as coding games. Same three easy steps.

Make a Simulation

AgentCubes helps you quickly make a working model. Use three steps to create the components of your model, build the World environment, and then code the behavior of each component. Simulation parameters can help you determine the specifics of each run, and you can continue to tweak your simulation to make it more realistic.

Run your simulation

Your agents know what to do. Change parameters and conditions on the fly to explore different scenarios and to get the data you are looking for. For example: if there are not enough prey animals, what happens to the predator population?

Plot and export
your simulation data

Graph and plot different parameters or variables of your simulation. Watch populations change, look for continuous energy flow, or find optimal spacing for trees in case of a fire. Or run the simulation and export all the data to a spreadsheet for more detailed analysis and graphing.

Coding simulations gives kids
the power to explore What if?

Our software was developed to help non-programmers model real world situations. AgentCubes simulations have even gone up with the Space Shuttle. Used by scientists from Universities worldwide to NASA. Teachers around the world use AgentCubes to teach modeling and visualization of scientific concepts. With our Path-to-Programming it is just as easy to make scientific simulations as it is to code games!

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